Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Micah Anne's 1st Birthday

Micah Anne is Josh's sister's baby. She turned one on May 16th and her party was on the 17th. We got her a baby doll and she loved it. She kept kissing and hugging it which made us think that she will really love Evie once she gets her. Micah really favors her mom, who looks a lot like Josh, so I think there's a good chance her and Evie will look alike. Evie is going to be so lucky. She will have Micah who is only a year older than her and Violet who is about 2 months older than her. She'll also have two big boy cousins, Jackson and Tucker, to protect her and one big girl cousin, Veronika, to teach her all the "girl stuff".


I went to the doctor yesterday and he said two important things. First of all, Evie has dropped. He said this is good because it is suppose to be the very fist thing that happens in the delivering process. He said it is called engaging. This made sense to me because for the last week or so Evie hasn't been kicking my ribs. Secondly, he told me if he had to guess he would say we will go full term, meaning I have still have a whole month to go. Considering mom went two weeks late with all three of us, this news is probably pretty accurate. I was kinda hoping she would be ready to come a little early due to how bad I feel, but I would rather her come when she is ready even if it's several weeks late than come early and have any problems.