Monday, November 12, 2007

Play Time

A few weeks ago Paul through a shower for one of her friends. I had to bring the dogs because Josh wasn't going to be at home. While Paula finished getting the house ready before the shower Andrea, Steve and I played with the boys(Jackson & Tucker). Jim and Bruno LOVE them. They chased Jackson and Tucker all over the yard. Jackson thought it was fun and exciting but I think Tucker felt a little cornered by the dogs sometimes. Needless to say the dogs slept well that night.

Monday, October 08, 2007


I finally figured out my stupid password and ID for my google account so I can blog again!
At first I thought "Oh my, I'm going to have so many things to catch yall up on"; but when I really went through what was worth blogging there was only two events exciting at all. Now I know how boring my life really is.

1st......One Year Anniversary Disney Trip

We had such a great time. We(meaning me) relaxed more on this trip so it felt more like a vacation.



Their names are Bruno and Jim. I named Bruno and Josh named Jim(I's weird to have a dog with the name of a family member....sorry Uncle Jim.) They are a "Designer Breed"(two different pure breed dogs intentionally bred together) called Puggles (Pug & Beagle). They were 7 weeks when we got them and they are now almost 11 weeks. They can both already sit and now we are starting to train them to lay down. I love them sooo much.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Free Saturday

This weekend was the first free Saturday we've had in '07. Our church's Upward Basketball League started the first of January and ended last weekend. Josh and I would referee at least three games every week and I took pictures through out the season for the closing slide show; so about 4 hours of every Saturday was spent at church. It is a great ministry and we love doing it but it's nice to have a little time off.

We spent our whole Saturday cleaning house. It feels so good to have a clean home.

Anniversary Dinner

Monday night Josh and I had everybody over to celebrate mom and dad's anniversary. We had spaghetti and pineapple cake. The boys entertained us all night while the men watched "Best of Will Ferrel" and the women sat on the floor and talked.

I think all little boys like wearing other people's shoes. I remember the summer Austin stayed a week with us, him and the little boy Andrea was babysitting kept wearing my shoes around the house.