Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we all went to Dodi and Poppa's. Mom fixed a big delicious breakfast including grits, biscuit, pecan pancakes, and breakfast casserole. After stuffing our faces we sat around the living room and opened gifts. The best part was watching Jackson and Tucker get excited about every gift. They were so cute.

We left mom's around 1:30 and headed to the Starks' gathering(Mrs.Lori's family). Every year all the Aunts, Uncles and cousins draw names for Christmas gifts. It's really nice because everybody gets a gift and nobody has to go broke buying a gifts. Josh's cousin Janet had my name ans she got me a cute little green purse.

The Starks' Christmas was over around 4 so we went home for a rest before the Thomas Christmas which started around 6. Every year it is at Josh's Grandma's house but she got the stomach bug Christmas Eve so it was moved to Josh's Aunt's house. We had a great time but by the end of the night I was extremely tired; but not too tired to play with my new scrapbook caring case. I felt like a little kid. Josh kept yelling at me to help him clean all the gifts and paper off the floor but I just sat on the living room floor playing with my new toys:)

Christmas Eve

Josh and I spent Christmas Eve at his parents' house. We ate dinner(chili dogs and cheese dip) and opened presents from eachother. Josh's mom got Sarah and I both a heavy duty mixer. I have wanted one for a long time so I was very excited. Josh got Seinfeld season 7 which completes his Seinfeld collection except for the not yet released season 8. We don't get to spend very much time with Sarah and Micah so we really enjoyed getting to see them.

When Josh and I got back to our house we decided to open our presents from eachother to save time in the morning. I got him a surround sound system and he got me a beautiful Pea coat, Shrek 1 & 2, and a coffee maker.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Josh's Birthday

Josh's 24th Birthday was the 15th so Monday we went to Outback to celebrate. Steve was sick so it was Josh and I, mom, dad, Paula, Brad and the boys. Jackson and Tucker were both a little sick so they didn't have to great of a time but the food was still good and Dodi and Poppa loved taking care of them.

By the way I have never noticed how pretty Paula's profile is. I hope the boys get her cute little nose.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Time

I had decided I wasn't going to decorate for Christmas but our trip to Branson got me in the Christmas mood. We don't really have room for a big tree so I made a blue and silver Christmas corner. Our entertainment center is decorated in more natural tones. The snowpeople beside each vase are souvenirs from our trip last weekend.

The Nativity was a wedding present from one of Josh's aunts. I love it. Someday I'll be able to set it up with our kids and tell them how it was the first Christmas Nativity mommy and daddy ever had.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend @ Branson

Friday after work Josh and I set off to Branson with his parents. Saturday morning we went to the new Branson Landing and then to Silver Dollar City. We got to see a few of the Christmans shows in the park. The last one we saw was the most popular one. It was in the Silver Dollar City Saloon. You had to get in line at least a hour in advance to get a guaranteed seat. There was an overflow line that we got in. They would let people from this line fill in any extra seats after everybody else had gone in. It was really cold and we had been in line for 30 minutes so we really wanted to get in to see the show. We ended up getting a seat but we were the last people who got in. The show was really cute but the best part was the the "snowball". It was hotchocolate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. The Saloon was the only place in the park that had it; it was soooo good. Sunday we went shopping at some of the outlets. I really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with Josh's parents. They are terrific people. We had a great weekend and a fun mini vacation.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Update on Grandpa

Josh's grandpa is doing very well. The doctors are pretty sure he will be able to keep his foot. They have it in a pressurized oxygen chamber to help the tissue heal quicker. As it heals they doctors will cut away any of the tissue that isn't getting blood to it, so we're not sure how the complete outcome will be. I just can't imagine how painfull all the scar tissue is going to be. He has a great attitude about the whole thing. The oxygen chamber is making his blood extremley rich in oxygen so he isn't having to wear his glass. The doctors told him his improved eye sight will only last as long as his foot is in the chamber, but it's still pretty cool and I'm sure it's incouraging to him considering he's been in a hospital room for over two weeks. Thanks for your prayers.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brad's B-Day Dinner

Do you think Jackson is learning to pose for pictures?

Josh has completely fallen in love with Tucker. He talks about how cute and sweet he is all the time.

We had a great dinner. Paula already wrote all about it so go see her blog for more details.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Josh's Grandfather (Olen Thomas)

Wednesday afternoon Josh’s grandfather was in an accident. His foot got caught underneath his truck while he was trying to stop it from rolling down a hill. After his first surgery the doctor told us he wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up losing his foot. After his second surgery a few days later we were told that they thought his foot could be saved. He had another surgery yesterday morning. They were expecting to finish cleaning his foot out and then stitching it up, but for some reason they couldn’t get the stitches in. We don’t know what’s going to happen so please keep him in your prayers. He is 78 so this will be a hard recovery.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wedding weekend

I had so much fun Saturday. I love sending time with my whole family. We are so lucky to have eachother and even more so to get along so well. I can't wait to see everybody again.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Upward Soccer

Our church has Upward sports which a ministry to reach families in our community. We have a soccer, basketball & cheerleading league. There is several teams in each age bracket. Each team has a weekly practice with a new Bible verse and devotion every week. All the games are on Saturdays were there is a testimony shared at the half time of every game. Samantha and I coach a soccer team together this year. It was very frustrating at times but we loved our girls and I know I will miss getting to see them every week.

I took this picture at the Upward soccer closing. He is our dentist's son. I just thought yall would like to see another cute baby.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Arkansas State Fair

Friday night Samantha, two of our friends form church,and I went to the fair. We ended up running into Andrea and Steve while we were there. This picture is of Andrea trying to coerce Veronika to go down the slide which was the only exit to the fun house. After unsuccessfully pleading with her, Andrea had to push her down it.

The food was the main reason we went but we decided to ride one really fun ride before we ate. When we were getting our tickets the lady working the booth made some rude comment to me. I was so mad. All she had to do was count out stupid tickets all day. It's not like she had some high stress job or something. I was so mad I refused to buy any tickets just to show her.....I know she lost sleep over it. So Sam, Trey and Charity were about to get on the ride but there was only room for one more rider. Samantha was infront of Trey and Charity so she told the guy that they were all together. The carney then proceeded to tell sweet, never stick up for herself, Samanthat that she had to get on the ride anyways. So she listened to him and rode it by herself. She looked like she was about to cry. To make things worst the nasty carney was eating a turkey leg like a rabid dog. It's disgusting enough to watch anybody eat one of those but when it's someone who just made your best friend cry...well it's almost too much. I wanted to go slap it out his hand. After that we ate so I felt better.

After the fair we met Josh and Joseph (Josh's best friend who also goes to church with us) at the Rave to watch The Prestige. It is the best movie I've seen in a long time. I recommend it to everybody.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Pampered Chef Shower
Thursday, 19th

Andrea ended up getting everything she registered for with Pampered Chef. She was so happy. I hope everyone had a good time. Hosting a shower is a great motive to get your house clean. I didn't realize how dirty our house was until I started cleaning it.

Church Shower
Monday, 16th

Andrea and Steve also got tons of stuff at our church shower. Mom gave them their "big" gift at this shower, a very nice digital camera. One of the best parts of the shower was getting to eat more of Stephanie's cakes.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Aunt Kay Kay showing some thigh

Friday, September 29, 2006


Sunday afternoon mom and I took pictures for Samantha's grandparents' 50th anniversary party. They are the sweetest people in the world. They always make me feel like I'm one of their grandkids so I was excited to get to do something for them. I am working on a DVD with all the pictures from their party and a few of their wedding pictures. I love doing stuff like this. I wish I could become a professional photographer/scrapbooker haha.

I am also working on a book for the shop about everything we offer. It is kind of like doing a corporate scrapbook. I've been following my dad around taking pictures of him working on different kinds of stuff. He has been cooperating very well. Tuesday there was an eighteen wheeler at the shop that he was already done working on but I realized I needed pictures for the "Heavy Duty Trucks" page. He took me out to the truck, pulled the hood back and acted like he was working on it so I could get a good shot.

Samantha's cousins