Thursday, August 24, 2006

Back To Real World

I love being a wife. It still sounds so weird. I've cooked just about every weeknight that we've been home. We still aren't done unpacking all my stuff...that's a big job. Our new king size bed came in earlier this week. It is really comfortable but our room is slightly slanted so the head of the bed is lower than the foot of it. It hasn't really bothered me but Josh has been sleeping upside down with his head at the foot of the bed. I'm afraid he's going to kick me in the face and kill me. It won't be hard to fix it, it's just that we've been getting home late and we haven't felt like taking the time to do it.

Day 6

We started the day shopping for all our souvenirs at Down Town Disney.
They had the cutest stuff. You can see by the picture above that Josh loved all the shopping.

After we got the shopping done we went back to Magic Kingdom to get a few more rides in before going home. That night when we left the park I seriously felt like crying. I knew it was the last time I would be there for at least a few years and it was really sad. I was excited about seeing everybody back home, but Disney World is just so hard to leave.

This is Josh making himself sick on the Tea Cups at Magic Kingdom.
Day 5

We decided to go back to Animal Kingdom so Josh could ride Everest and we could both ride a scary dinosaur ride we had forgotten about. Then we went to the Magic Kingdom for a few of there most popular rides. Later on that afternoon we went to Epcot. It was open till 12 that night for Disney resort guests only. We ate at the German restaurant "Biergarten." There was performers in the front of the restaurant singing and playing those weird horns. Epcot used to be kinda boring but they have added several exciting rides....Soar'n, Mission Space, and Test Track. By the end of the day we were both beyond tired. We had left the room that morning at 9AM and got back at12AM.

Day 4

Universal Studios was Josh's favorite. I think they have more rides than any of the Disney parks but it's not as clean or child/christian friendly. This was the day that I realized Josh had been making ride on the outside (the scary seat) the whole trip. It's like our personalities fit the other one's body size. The best part of the day was getting see Shrek and Feona. Everybody tells us we look like them. Our personalities are a lot like their's to except Josh is nicer and I'm meaner.

Day 3

We started our day with another character breakfast but this time it was at the Animal Kingdom. The waiters made us stand up and kiss infront of everybody. Josh's favorite character has always been Donald so he was excited about getting to seeing him.

One of the best things at the Animal Kingdom is the Lion King production. It has live music dancing and acrobats.

Another great thing at the Animal Kingdom is Mount Everest. It is Disney World's newest attraction. A boat driver the night before had written us a fast pass for the ride just because we were on our honeymoon. We were so excited because the line for Everest is always at least 1 hour, but when we finally got to the ride Josh said he didn't want to ride it. I wasn't happy but I just got in line by myself. While I was waiting I started to get more upset. Here we were at stink'n Disney World on our stink'n honeymoon and I was riding the most famous ride By My SELF. After I got off I sweetly let him know that it doesn't matter how great the ride is it isn't very much fun if you have to ride it by yourself and that I didn't want to have to ride another ride by my self.
It sounds mean but everything he rode after that he really enjoyed.

That afternoon we went to Epcot for a few rides, took a nap, and then went to the Magic Kingdom for dinner. We had a table for two right by the window in Cinderella's Magic Castle. It was one of the best nights of the whole trip. A couple right next to use got engaged and then the waitress brought us two glass cups for a wedding present. After dinner we got to look straight out the window at the huge firworks display they have every night.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day 2

We started the day with a huge breakfast buffet at the Contemporary Resort. Every few minutes there would be a different character walking by for pictures. The food was so good. We both felt sick afterwards we had eaten so much.

After breakfast we headed to Universal’s Island of Adventure. When we got there they told us our tickets that my mom had given us had already been used. I got really upset so Josh said he would bring me back on our one year anniversary and we would go to all the parks. But mom told us to go ahead and buy new tickets so I felt better.

That night we went to The Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. We had all you can eat fried chicken, ribs, beans, cole slaw, corn bread and strawberry shortcake. The show was really cute. They made everyone on their honeymoon and any anniversaries stand up and dance. We had so much fun....and we ate ourselves to sickness again.
Day 1

Prelude………The weekend before we left for the honeymoon Josh and I played in a church softball tournament. After sliding three times on the exact same part of my legs, I was sore and bloody. I wasn’t really worried about the trip because I have had more scabbed up legs than I can remember and they usually heal quickly without a lot of pain.

Day 1
Our first day was spent at MGM Studios. This has always been one of my favorite parks. It is home to The Tower of Terror and The Rock’n Rollercoaster. He wanted his picture made with Mr. Incredible. When the workers heard that we were on our honeymoon one of the woman got on her little radio and got Mrs. Incredible to come to us so we could get a picture with both of them. It was so cute.

We were about 3 hours into the day when my leg started throbbing. It felt like it was going to explode. After winning about it for an hour or so we went to the first aid desk. The nurse spayed some thing on it and gave me a wheel chair. Josh made fun of me at first until he realized we got to skip through most of the lines.