Friday, September 29, 2006


Sunday afternoon mom and I took pictures for Samantha's grandparents' 50th anniversary party. They are the sweetest people in the world. They always make me feel like I'm one of their grandkids so I was excited to get to do something for them. I am working on a DVD with all the pictures from their party and a few of their wedding pictures. I love doing stuff like this. I wish I could become a professional photographer/scrapbooker haha.

I am also working on a book for the shop about everything we offer. It is kind of like doing a corporate scrapbook. I've been following my dad around taking pictures of him working on different kinds of stuff. He has been cooperating very well. Tuesday there was an eighteen wheeler at the shop that he was already done working on but I realized I needed pictures for the "Heavy Duty Trucks" page. He took me out to the truck, pulled the hood back and acted like he was working on it so I could get a good shot.

Samantha's cousins

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Petit Jean Mountain

I know this is a super late post considering this is from Labor Day Weekend.
Monday morning we(meaning I) packed a picnic lunch and set out for Petit Jean Mountain. We stopped for a great breakfast at The Crackle Barrel in Conway. We went down a few trails, saw some beautiful scenery and headed to Josh's Parents' house for dinner. We never even ate our picnic lunch because we ate breakfast so late. A bunch of josh's family also came over to his parent's house for dinner. I t was really fun and the food was great. All the women in Josh's family, especially on his mom's side, are amazing cooks so I have a lot to live up to.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First House Guests

We had our first party/gathering at our new home Saturday night. We had 10 friends over to watch the Razorback game. Josh grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and Samantha and Anna made bean dip and cheesedip. Two of the couples have a kid so all the girls had fun holding and playing with the babies.

(top) Me, Anna, Samantha, Heather & Noah. Noah is Jennilee's 2 week old baby. He looks just like Bill, his daddy. I've never seen a child look so much like one of his parents.

Jeremy and his son Luke. Jeremy was the MBSF (Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship) director so we are all really close to him and his wife. Luke is a month younger than Jackson.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Don't EVER Leave Cut Onions

After work last Fri. I started cutting up some onions just to have for a time saver( I put onions in just about everything so I like to keep some already chopped up.) Josh got out of the shower and we were going to run to the bank which is about 45 seconds from our house so I just left the onions. The bank ended up taking a lot longer than we thought and it was really aggravating.
Afterwards, frustrated and hungry, Josh wanted to go to his favorite restaurant Moe's. By this time I had forgotten about the onion. When we got home and opened the door the smell hit us like a slap in the face. It was horrific. It seriously burnt my nose. Last night I sprayed Oust until i got a headache from the chemicals. Today, a week later, it has finally stopped smelling. I was getting nervous because we are having some friends over to watch the game Sat. and I was afraid we would end up being the people with the stinky house that no one wants to tell.

I am having so much fun decorating our new home. We went to JC Penney and got a big mirror and clock for our living room. They are really nice and 50% off. We had $180 in gift cards so we didn't have to spend any money. Wen. night we stayed up late cleaning up our guest/workout room. Our house is really starting to feel and look like a home. It's amazing the difference wall decorations make. We registered and received a bunch of these really cute black wall cubes and shelf. We put all of them in the kitchen.